"How A Woman Feels When Her Wires Are 'Uncrossed' and Fully Engaged In Her Senses"

Finally 'Turn On That Switch' Inside Your Brain...

After Witnessing Thousands of Women Experience Their Own Feminine Nature I'm Entirely Convinced of One Naked Truth:

"How you define your reality is how you experience it."

As a culture we've been 'shamed' into believing these 'rules' about how we're supposed to behave and feel about ourselves.

One of the common questions I get asked is this:

"How can something that deep down feels right...

...be so wrong?"

Let me help you understand how we've gotten our wires crossed.

 Society has 'programmed' us into believing the very thing that allows us to fully experience our body's 'senses' is a bad thing. 

And again...

It's NOT. 

This 'programming' came from a place of trying to keep us safe.

After all, many parents worry about their daughter 'staying safe' and often unconsciously create false 'narratives' to protect us...

Except this usually sabotages the rest of our adult lives as well.

They were just trying to protect us from the 'big bad world' out there...

...and although we can't fault them for wanting to protect us, it goes even deeper than that. 

Many believe its because if women are 'out of control', that society will break down and the 'family unit' will be no more. 

This of course we already know is not true...

...but we've unconsciously accepted these beliefs from even as a small child. 

And this continues to sabotage our lives to this day. 

Where so many women cannot even experience our 'pleasure senses' because of our 'hang ups' with intimacy.

It seems 'cool' these days to be 'sensual'...

...so why is it when we follow through with it we feel this shame rising to the top?

Not allowing us to fully experience and enjoy ourselves? 

Our wires are crossed indeed.

Because there really is nothing wrong with you.

...its time to 're-wire' these beliefs so your Mind AND Body can experience the type of feelings and sensation your body was NATURALLY DESIGNED TO

Lets 'uncross' this wiring that 'short circuits' our sensuality shall we?

There Exists a Biological 'Switch' in Our Brain Which Allows Us to Fully Experience Our Body's Natural Senses the Way We Were Designed

[I will teach you how to do it, BUT ONLY When It's SAFE to Do So]

It's a biological function...

...so YES it can be done. 

There's is a function in your brain that literally 'switches off' this control mechanism allowing us to fully surrender to our body's biological senses. 

The way we were WIRED to be able to feel. 

Which means no more letting shame or guilt stop us from biologically being healthy.

While experiencing pleasure in our own body we have the RIGHT to feel as women. 

And we can do it when we KNOW it's safe to 'flip this switch'.

Hello Gorgeous...
I'm Dr. Saida Désilets.
I've worked with women for over 20 years to unlock experiencing their own 'Body Sovereignty'.
Because for too long women have made someone else responsible for the way they feel. 
You should NOT have to feel obligated to someone else because you are in alignment with your own feminine senses. 
That's their problem, not yours. Regardless of what society tells you.

As a French-Canadian farm girl, I had the perfect upbringing to learn about the potency of being a woman and of our innate erotic/sensual connection with nature.    
I was free to express my own sovereignty while developing my fierce passion for truth. This led to the birth of my Désilets Method and Sensuality programs.
My book and articles have a world-wide readership, igniting thousands of women around the world because I invite women to claim what is already theirs so they can reap the bounty of being fully expressed women. 
My message has also contributed to both of Dr. Christiane Northrup’s books, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom & The Secret Pleasures of Menopause.

Also Dr. Rachel Abram's books: The MultiOrgasmic Woman & Body Wise, as well as has been an essential part of the Ecstatic Birth forum, many Women’s Empowerment conferences, and more recently, WIINwomen in South Africa.
In 1994, after a traumatic sexual assault, I was told I had 2 weeks to live, which I persevered through.

Since then I have made the most of this ‘extra time’ I’ve inherited!
I performed thousands of shows as a professional ‘solo’ belly dancer, created and successfully ran both a holistic healing business along with a creating the foundational ‘Jade Goddess’ school, while I wrote and published my first book.
I've received a PhD in Trans-personal Psychology and expanded my live seminars to reach women in over 15 countries around the World!
This lead to me becoming the world’s foremost authority in the Jade Egg practice.
I am a living example of the amazing healing and creativity that occurs when we align ourselves with the totality of our essential nature as women.
I invite you to come on a Journey of Reclamation with me in my latest online, go at your own pace course to access this 'switch' in our brain to fully surrender to your body sovereignty...

“Saida teaches women of all ages how to reconnect with their essential energy".

Christiane Northrup, MD. 
Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

 Shameless Surrender

This is why I’ve put together this 6 hour VIDEO Immersion training where we get to explore this topic in-depth...

This training was filmed LIVE.

The entire Day-long session is segmented into 4 Videos for your convenience.

We cover the following topics:
  • Why Shame is so prevalent in every aspect of our lives and How we remove it from sabotaging us
  • ​Adopting your new role and viewpoint of Shamelessness to release yourself into 'sovereignty' 
  • ​Fully surrendering in the moments where its safe to do so and fully feeling what that experience is like
  • ​Embodying Shameless Surrendering in every day life

...I'm also including instant access to my Special Bonus Workshop:

"A Journey of Reclamation"

Transforming the 3 Top Challenges Women Face Today

  • Overcoming Widespread Shaming and Labeling
  • Believing We Are Victims To Our Experiences & Feeling Insecure 
  • Avoiding 'Going Numb' and becoming Apathetic 

 This bold expression pushed me over the step of awkwardness and just do it. Great, great event. I'm full of gratitude.
Lots of love

~ Alia

"I have a different perspective about "victim" and about humans being "predators" now."

~ Priestess Peaches

Here's what you're going to learn inside...

...from 4 core modules on 'The Art of Shameless Surrender"

Module 1: Introduction and Orientation
(93 minutes)

  • Setting the intention for results together
  • Clarify how we define ourselves in relationship and surrender
  • What is shame?
  • ​Feeling safe, being safe
  • Setting the intention for our surrendering together
  • Clarifying how we define ourselves in relationship
  • What shame truly is and the havoc it wreaks in our lives
  • ​Feeling safe, being safe when surrendering

Module 2: Fear About Shame
The Impact of Definition Healing 
(80 minutes)

  • Addressing the beliefs and inhibitions about being shameless and fully surrendering
  • Giving ourselves permission to be alive and sensual
  • Shameless = no longer self-sabotaging
  • ​Conditioning, Shaming, and Domestication – Plus Triggers
  • ​5 Levels of Body Awareness - Presentation
  • ​Learning New Behaviors
  • Addressing the beliefs and inhibitions about being shameless and fully surrendering
  • Giving ourselves permission to be alive and sensual
  • Shameless = no longer self-sabotaging
  • ​Conditioning, Shaming, and Domestication – Plus Triggers
  • ​5 Levels of Sensual Awareness - Presentation
  • ​Learning New Behaviors

Module 3: Shaming and Other Impacts from Domestication
(68 minutes)

  • Dancing Warm-Up
  • Feline Intelligence applied to daily life
  • ​Surrendering at Work
  • ​Slut Shaming & Shame Resilience
  • What is the Pay Off for Using Shame?
  • ​Experiential Practice
  • Dancing Warm-Up
  • Feline Intelligence applied to daily life
  • ​Surrendering to Pleasure at Work
  • ​Shaming & Shame Resilience
  • Society's Pay Off for Using Shame
  • ​Experiential Practice

Module 4: Jade Egg For Surrender
(111 minutes)

  • Quick Check-In – ReSensitizing Ourselves
  • Deepening Our Practice – Warm Up (Including Breast Massage)
  • Jade Egg Practice (Lying Down)
  • ​Check In for the practice, etc.
  • ​Invitation to deepen
  • Quick Check-In – ReSensitizing Ourselves
  • Deepening Our Practice – Warm Up (Including Massage)
  • Jade Practice (Lying Down)
  • ​Check In for the practice, etc.
  • ​Invitation to deepen

Feel free to view and study the material at your own pace.
Your registration gives you life-time access to this training in my private membership site.


  • ​6 hrs of Shameless Surrender Video Training  ($199 Value)
  • Bonus 2 Hour Workshop "Journey of Reclamation" - From 'Wound To Power'  ($149 Value) 
  • Lifetime Access to Both (Priceless)

Total Value = $398

But yours for the special price of

Only $37

*Limited time offer of $37 (one-time payment). Normally $199.

How do I know this will work for me?

No matter your age...
No matter your background...
No matter the premises...

You Are Welcome Here.
This applies to any Woman who understands the English language.
NO matter your situation - Ethnicity, social class, education, partnered, single or even poly.

I like to say this is a Diverse and inclusive community but without unnecessary focus on diversity and inclusivity. 
Here, you are among equals. 
We don't support a woman being a victim, here we support and celebrate your own body sovereignty.

Here you are treated as sovereign adult female.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Jade Egg in order to participate in this class?
Absolutely not - If you have one, great. But you can learn everything inside of Shameless Surrender without one.
Is this an ongoing membership site?
This course is a one time cost - pay once, access for life.
How long do I have to access the training?
You have Lifetime Access!


If for whatever reason, "Shameless Surrender" wasn’t the best money you have ever spent, request a refund within the first 14 days and get your money back.

No Questions Asked Whatsoever

Dare to "shamelessly surrender" and start living life with complete body sovereignty by joining me today! 
~ Saida

*Limited time offer of $37 (one-time payment). Normally $199.

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